Our Programs

Our school is currently available in Zurich. We have 4 different age groups described further below. Our educational philosophy for this group is a thoughtful one, supported by research, that meets every child’s needs.

Age range 2.5 to 4 years old

Students make meaningful connections with Persian through stories, art and singing. Our multi-sensory lesson plans incorporate movement, music and art to help integrate learning and encourage conversations. Music plays an important role in learning the rhythm and sounds of the language, while movement connects the mind and body for a more integrated learning. Puppet shows, art and dancing are some of the most popular activities in this group. 

Age from 4.5 to 7 years old

For children from 4.5 to 7 years old, we start introducing the Persian alphabet through fun stories and different games. We explore different layers of the language by using a thematic curriculum. The arts and crafts portion of the class uses familiar notions, such as colors, animals, family, and body parts, inspired by Persian folklore and expressions, to introduce different aspects of the Persian culture.

Through games we entice our learners to use and retain the language effortlessly while stories fuel their imagination.  The games address developmental stages of children by encouraging their creative, physical and vocal participation.

At the end of each class, we review the previous session’s lessons through  guided improvisation. 

Age from 7 to 12 years old

At this section we start enhancing the whole-language-reading method. We help them become more  familiar with the vocabulary and expressions used in the texts and stories. The formal writing course starts after they improve their reading skills. This class has multiple sections based on the children’s fluency.

In addition to formal reading and writing lessons, each class also includes music, games, arts and cultural education, where the students learn about Persian literature and folklore as well as different Persian celebrations and customs. Our students discover the beautiful and diverse regions of Iran through virtual trips that show the landmarks and historical sites. Each student learns more about his heritage through celebrations, traditions, art and cuisine.


For adults, depending on their knowledge of Farsi and their needs, we have different types of classes. In these classes they learn to read, write and talk in Persian. They also learn about the Persian culture and Iran. 

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