We open a doorway to Persian culture and language for anyone who is interested.

We are a warm and welcoming space where children and adults, with any level of Persian can feel included and have fun. We use different forms of art, such as music, painting, theater and dance, to enhance your curiosity and facilitate learning.

Our community is made up of families with mixed heritages who are looking to connect with their Persian roots and learn to speak Farsi.

We strongly believe in delivering a brain-based program that follows the latest research on learning and use experienced teachers and professional artists to realize our vision. Our curriculum is inspired by Montessori and Waldorf philosophy, making it immersive and multi-sensory to meet every learner’s needs.

BolBol School Zurich

Board Members:

Fereshteh Bagherimiyab Hunkeler

Fereshteh Bagherimiyab Hunkeler is the President and Founder/Executive Director of the Bolbol School Zurich. Fereshteh has a PhD in Environmental Engineering from EPFL in Switzerland and a Post Doctorate in Environmental Science from the University of Waterloo, Canada. As an Environmental Scientist, she wanted to do something meaningful, to create sustainable changes and to make this world a better place. 

Fereshteh’s international life led her to appreciate the diversity in the world and the importance of preserving her heritage.  Fereshteh introduced her Swiss husband and daughter to formal Farsi lessons at the Parsayan School in Lausanne and soon joined the school as Board member and Co-Director. In 2018 she moved to Zurich and founded Parsayan School Zurich as there were no Persian classes in her area. Soon Fereshteh’s vision broadened to include more cultural elements such as music, theater and art.  She valued lessons that are founded on current pedagogical methods. This new vision deserved a new name, a new mission, a new school.  Bolbol School was unveiled in 2021.

Leily Zarian

Leily Zarian is the member of the Bolbol School Zurich. Leily is a Coach and Organizational Development Consultant. She has an Advanced Master’s degree in Cognitive and Intercultural Psychology from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. She is a Certified ICA/ICF Coach who is passionate about helping people and organizations reach their full potential and succeed.

Leily is passionate about Persian art and literature and has joined Fereshteh in creating a space that encompasses all the different facets of Persian culture. A space that allows transnational families to bridge their culture gaps.

Shahrooz Aziminia

Shahrooz Aziminia is the Curriculum Development Director. Shahrooz grew up among international students in Switzerland and moved to the US over 20 years ago. She received her BA in Psychology from Drew University and is an AMS certified Montessori educator. She has over 20 years experience as a Montessori teacher and has developed various Enrichment Programs, Curriculums and led teacher and parent trainings. She continues to grow in her field by staying current on the latest research in child development and brain science. Shahrooz is excited to join Fereshteh and Leily at Bolbol School Zurich and their mission to create a space where learning is fun and inspiring.

Teachers and collaborators:


Bayan was born and raised in Tehran. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language and Literature at the National University of Tehran. From a young age Bayan worked in her family’s publishing business, typing, rereading and editing books. Before graduating, Bayan published her first book, translated from Arabic to Persian, and was recognized by the Ministry of Guidance. She emigrated to Switzerland soon after graduating.

Bayan’s talent for languages led her to teach Persian to children and adults while learning German. After 7 years of clerical work in a semi-private company, she became a German- Persian translator. She is currently a teacher at Bolbol School Zurich and a student at the University of Bern. Bayan believes languages are best learned in stress-free interactive environments, through games, discussions and stories. Her gentle style is attentive to each student’s unique interests and she gains their cooperation through mutual respect.


Shima grew up in Tehran and since 2010 has lived in Malaysia, Singapore and Switzerland. Shima is an artist and art educator with diverse experience working with children of all ages. She is passionate about ‘process art’ and believes that by actively participating in the process of creating art, children push the boundaries of their acquired knowledge and expand their capacity to discover new elements. It allows each student to share their unique artistic touch and create spontaneous conversations. Every art experience allows the students to connect more deeply with the Persian culture and engage in meaningful language lessons. Shima is excited to be a part of this unique and fresh space where students have the opportunity to explore artistic boundaries and discover meaningful insights into the Iranian culture.


Omideh was born in Tehran where she completed her Master’s Degree in German Language Translation and Political Science. She followed her passion for learning by teaching Persian, math and other subjects. Since 2013 Omideh has been studying at the University of Zurich pursuing a Master’s degree in Cultural Analysis while teaching Farsi at Klubschule Migros. Arezoo values learning different languages and remains an enthusiastic teacher after years of experience.  She is always implementing different educational strategies to engage her students, both young and old and is excited to share her experience with Bolbol School Zurich.


Mohadeseh was born in Kermanshah and grew up in Isfahan and Tehran. After she finished her studies in Interior Architecture she  taught and organized summer courses for primary school boys. She presented courses in Architecture, Origami and math. During those years, Mohadeseh observed first-hand the effectiveness of multi-sensory lessons and participatory activities that helped her students connect with the materials. She moved to Zurich in 2019 to further her studies in Interior Architecture  and was delighted to find Bolbol School Zurich, where she could continue to teach children. Mohadeseh is excited to share her experience as both a teacher and architect with her students so they can in turn connect with a variety of people.


Abdi was born and raised in Tehran. As a child he was curious and his love of learning was endless. He loved sharing his passion with his fellow students and often helped them understand math and physics. At that young age Abdi realized he loved sharing his passion for learning and that teaching brought him immense joy. He has not stopped since.   
After graduating in Civil Engineering at University of Tehran, he moved to Switzerland to continue his studies at ETH Zurich and received a PhD in Structural Engineering with a focus on Seismic Behavior of Masonry Structures. He is a consultant in Structural Engineering,  analyzing and designing buildings, bridges and more. Abdi is very interested in teaching math, physics and statistics to children in easy and practical way. As an accomplished musician, Abdi is looking forward to sharing Persian music and poetry with the students. He is excited to join Bolbol’s mission to share Persian culture with children living in Switzerland.


Nemat is a singer/ song-writer who is passionate about music, poetry and Persian culture. He brings his Waldorf teaching experience to his music classes, connecting students to the rhythm of Persian language through  songs, nursery rhymes and poetry. When he is not teaching, Nemat is often performing at different events and is excited to be a part of the Bolbol School mission and community. 


Shahrzad is a dance instructor in three public schools in Zurich. She also directs Iranian Dance workshops for Iranian women. For many years Shahrzad taught the Orff Approach to children. The Orff Approach uses  music, drama, speech and movement to teach music in a playful way. You can also find Shahrzad on Radio Payke, presenting Persian culture with her friends.  Shahrzad is excited to join Bolbol school and bring dance, rhythm and music together to create fun choreographies that celebrate Persian culture.  


Faranak  grew up in Isfahan where she was a teacher for several years before moving to Zurich in 2008. She has always loved working with children and is passionate about child development and education. After having her twins, Faranak went back to school to persue her Early Childcare  diploma in Zurich so she could continue doing what she loved. She has experience working in daycare centers and the Montessori Kindergarten in Zurich. Watching children learn and supporting them in their process is very rewarding for Faranak. She is delighted to share her professional expertise with her Bolbol students and help them reach their goals.


Elika was born and raised in Tehran. After high school she migrated to Switzerland where she studied Art History and Near Eastern Studies at the University of Zurich, followed by a PhD in Islamic Art with a focus on Iran. 
Since 2018 she is lecturer of Persian language and culture at the University of Bern and at the University of Zurich.  In her function as research assistant, she investigates Iranian art objects at several museums. She is an active member of cultural associations like the Swiss Association of Iranian Academics in Zurich and the Swiss Society of Middle East and Islamic Cultures. Her passion is teaching Persian language and culture and is excited to join Bolbol’s team.


Miranda was born in Tehran. She studied journalism in Iran. After her studies She moved to Germany and studied media science at the university of Paderborn then she moved to Switzerland. She was a Persian course teacher for adults in Zurich for 5 years. She has been working as a teacher assistant in public schools in Zurich for 6 years. Miranda is excited to join Bolbol School team and to teach Persian to children.


Neda was born in Tehran, Iran. She received her Bachelor in teaching English as a foreign language and her Master in Linguistics (the study of languages) from Tehran Azad University. Teaching is her passion. Neda has years of experience as a teacher in both public and private schools in Iran. Through her Master study, she developed her interest in comparative linguistics (the study of similarities and differences between languages) which was her important motivation to become a Persian language teacher for children and adults in Switzerland. Neda is delighted to share her professional expertise with  Bolbol School students.


Rozita  is a Bio- & Neurofeedback therapist who was born and raised in Tehran. She started her career as a nurse,  which led her to discover the mysteries of the human body and become passionate about helping people in need. While looking after patients who had a wide range of neurological and psychiatric conditions, she became interested in the human mind and found it remarkable.
While living in Dubai, Rozita met people from different backgrounds, cultures and mindsets, which prepared her for the multicultural network Working in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, and living in the international city of Dubai, allowed her to meet different people from various backgrounds, cultures, and mindsets. 
In 2016 she moved to Zurich with her husband and followed her life-time passion of helping others with a focus on the human brain. She learned ways to help people change their mindset and achieve fulfilling lives through Bio- and Neurofeedback therapy. Rozita enjoys helping children learn Persian and is very in-tuned to their needs.


Hossein was born and raised in Saveh, Iran. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Tehran, and thereafter moved to Switzerland to pursue his PhD. He has always been passionate about Persian culture, poetry and architecture. He is excited to share his love of Persian music with Bolbol’s students, especially with his santoor.


Armin was born in Rasht, Iran. He is an acoustician and a music enthusiast. Armin plays several Persian percussion instruments and classical guitar. He has been an active amateur musician, playing and singing in different bands, as well as teaching tombak and guitar. He has been living in Switzerland since 2017. Armin speaks German, English and Farsi.

Neda was born in Tehran, Iran. She received her Bachelor in teaching English as a foreign language and her Master in Linguistics (the study of languages) from Tehran Azad University. Teaching is her passion. Neda has years of experience as a teacher in both public and private schools in Iran. Through her Master study, she developed her interest in comparative linguistics (the study of similarities and differences between languages) which was not the only motivation but a very important one to become a Persian language teacher for children and adults in Switzerland. She is delighted to share her professional expertise with her Bolbol school students.

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